Have a great idea? Contact Billionaire Mark Cuban!

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by Tarun Kumar Jaiswal on September 5, 2010

Ever felt you have a great idea and but not enough bucks to go through with it? If so now is your chance as there is someone who has lots of bucks and is looking for ideas. The person is Mark Cuban (born July 31, 1958) – an American entrepreneur. He is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, an NBA basketball team, owner of Landmark Theatres, and Chairman of HDNet, an HDTV cable network.He is #400 on Forbes’ “World’s Richest People” list with a net worth of $2.4 Billion

In a post on his blog, Blog Maverick, he writes the following:

“If you develop Social Games I want to talk to you. Im looking to invest in  games,  developers and projects

Im looking for consumer and corporate applications. I’m not looking for knockoffs of existing games/apps. I’m also looking for physical products that have integrated social gaming components . My preference for all the above is that they run on or  integrate deeply  with Facebook and/or Itunes 10/Ping and all the devices they support.”

You can post them here or email me at blogmaverick@aol.com.

If I like it , I will respond. If I dont, I wont.  I wont sign and NDA.”

NDA is a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to by third parties.

Give it a try!

Note :- Kindly do not leave your idea as a comment on this blog or email me directly.I do not represent him. Email Mark Cuban directly at blogmaverick@aol.com

  • Timothy Shelton

    Mr. Cuban my name is Timothy Shelton and I live in Houston Texas. My partner and I have developed and patented the worlds first portable corner punching bag that sets up in seconds. Withi MMA,boxiing and just athletic fitness I can not tell you how big a deal this is for the world. I just want you to look at my business plan we don’t even need to talk. Please give me a chance t.shelton@ Yahoo.com. 832.244.0067. Thanks in advance for taking time out to read this post.

  • Marwan

    did any one ever got response from Mr. Cuban ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Hargraves/552903792 Dave Hargraves

    i dont know if anyone is interested but i have designed the next generation smartphone, and built a prototype of this handheld device. i realize this may be hard to believe, due to the fact i am without the infrastructure needed to complete this task. However the part of the design that would prompt a game changer in the industry is completed. Mark are you interested in seeing the prototype handheld and perhaps be responsible for the introducing of the Next Generation Smartphone. I don’t only hope that this device would become standard by all providers including Apple and Android driven devices i know that it will.

  • Mistee 407-844-2928

    My Patent System eliminates the individual bottling from a billion dollar industry. Saves millions on production and materials. Eliminates the usage of multiple natural resources & reduces the illegal sale to minors and theft by 100%. Please respond for a private email of the 8 patent drawings. 407-844-2928 Thanks Mistee

  • Alice


    I have two products that will revolutionize the cookie & small snack industry. It’s all about health and pure nutritional value. We want to set it up this business in such a manner as to provide jobs for persons who may be struggling financially, but have a consciousness for the well being of others.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Alice – A BIG FAN

    (972) 235 – 4435

  • jea

    Hello Mr. Cuban,

    I am a 32 year old that is seeking someone I can share my ideas with. I have so many ideas that I want to do something with. One of them I had a prototype done but missed the moment. Someone came up with it just before I did. I have a couple patents right now, but I have so many more ideas. It just runs in the family. I see something and always want to try and figure out how to make it better. I also do have another idea that is to the point of presenting to investors. I have made many contacts and have a highly qualified Advisory Board. I am just attempting to show you that I am no joke. I have big plans and would like your feedback. I like the way you do things and how outspoken you are. Its obvious that you are down to Earth. So if you would like to respond, you can through my email joshua.mtassoc@gmail.com. I dont want to post my phone number on here. Thank you for your time!

    Joshua Allen

  • Willie Pringle


    I am with THE NEW YORK TALENT CLUB a entrepreneur, dad, and student. I am a first time Author, Playwright Winner 2010 bgplays.com 2nd runner-up. To copyright the play I published the book ANOTHER-WAY LIVING TO LIVE AGAIN. Since 2011 the book has been in Barnes and Nobles published through Trafford out of Bloomington, IN. This is not a sob story very inspirational including the determination and drive behind the man I have become. I has literally gone from a deadbeat dad to a independent dependable accountable responsible example. To God myself and the community around me. The hardships of life are what made me get to this point if I had to do it again I wouldn’t change a thing. We believe that the impact this production will have on the world will be excellent with the right backing. The entire book will be developed into two documentaries a life story, and traveling play. The play was presented once at Our Local College Henderson Fine Arts the cast and crew were mostly amateurs but we made a impact in a short matter of time. The play is entitled WHERE WE COME FROM new entertainment never before written or viewed on any stage across the globe. I saw a show on the shark tank where the guys were trying to receive your help without a script. If you were to receive a book from me you would have the winning script. I have the first performance script available as well but with your help we can take this production to the top. I was putting in over 80 hours of work on the play, and 17 hours of school. I had to go with my dream to bring this story to the big screen and Henderson, KY. The last person to do a film in this town was Tom Hanks. I will be next. We have already confirmed a few super stars that are willing to be apart of the work. Such as Ernest Hudson, Leon from Temptations the movie, George Benson to name a few. You can view the play at http://www.youtube@wpringle0001. I have been on this journey for over three years the life story took ten months to write and the play took only two months. I look forward to you response pringlew217@gmail.com P: 270-748-8270

  • xelaarevahc

    My name is Alejandro Chavera I tried to email on the blog but got rejected can anyone help me contact mr CubanI have a invention for car that makes it’s own fuel greenemservices@ggmail. Com

  • xelaarevahc

    My email is greenemservices@gmail.com not ggmail.com

  • Vickie

    Mark – please don’t take this as an insult but you look very ill. Heart attack ill. I am watching shark tank now 9/27/13 and I know you don’t feel well. The best thing you could for yourself is to stop all dairy immediately. And see your cardiologist.

  • fagay

    mark this is me, can I suck your dick?

  • Alice James

    Hi Mark if ever in Rio Rancho New Mexico please come by to see this grandmother who’s needs someone to donate a play house to 3 small children Name is ajaimes 505 319 2653 maybe an angle will be sent or maybe not contact for address if you can thanks for the time

  • Robert Waite

    Dear Mr. Mark Cuban,

    Hello Sir.
    My name is Robert Waite. I’m from Corning New York.

    I have been selling “Hanging Hammock Chairs” for 10 years now at several festivals, fairs, home shows and many other events around the country.

    A Hanging Hammock Chair is a one point suspension waterproof hanging chair that can be hung on a porch ,patio , deck or out on a tree limb. We have 4 designs. We also have a Loveseat design for 2 people. They range in price from $100 to $350.

    Some people actually eyebolt them inside in a game room or in a finished basement.

    Our chairs are ergonomically designed to take the pressure of the lower back with no pressure points. Good for those with back problems. It beats a hammock because you can sit up or recline it back comfortably and it’s easier to hang. It even comes with a footrest and a “beer holder” to make the experience even more special. You can view our hanging hammock chairs on my website at hangingchairs.net.

    They may be the most comfortable seat in the world. It must be tried out to realize its amazing comfort and uniqueness.

    That is why they are displayed at large attended events like festivals and fairs where we invite people into our display booth to try them out. (Pictures attached).

    In the last 3 years:
    – We imported 9 forty foot containers of hanging hammock chairs from China
    – sold over 10000 hammock chairs
    – grossed over 1 million in sales
    -making a 400 -500% profit on each chair sold.

    Currently I along with 2 other great salesman exhibit and attend over 40 festivals,fairs and home shows a year mainly in the Northeast, setting up our display booth, sitting people down and selling our chairs to thousands.

    The thing is we sell so many we can’t keep up our inventory and new orders get backed logged for months sometimes. I want to expand my business and hire more salesman and attend more events but it would require more money and more operating costs such as vans, trailers, more personnel, a bigger warehouse and of course lots more hanging hammock chairs. I just don’t have the capital to make that all happen.

    Mr. Cuban would you help us take the Hanging Hammock Chairs coast to coast all over the United States and also into Canada? If you invest in us we together could mobilize several teams of salesman to exhibit at thousands of untapped festivals, fairs, and home shows in every major city across the United States and even extend into all of Canada where the hanging hammock chairs never been seen before.

    If my small team of salesman made a million in sales in 3 short years we can do the same thing over and over again setting up regional operations all over the country with the same infrastructure that I established with my business. For every new sales team we send out can be potentially multiplied by 1 million every 3 years again and again. There are 10s of 1000s of festivals, fairs and home shows all over the country we can send them to. All we need is your help with the capital to provide what is needed to make it all happen.

    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your response.

    Yours truly

    Robert Waite Owner/Operator
    Zee Zees Trading Company and
    Five Star Imports
    264 Bridge Street Apt. 101
    Corning New York 14830

  • Tony

    My name tony g. I have a multimillion dollar idea. Call me mark 727-776-8359

  • Jason Santana

    I have a billion dollar idea for sure just give me one shot

  • Sam N

    “Story Book Poetry By Sky Nguyen” Available on Amazon.com

    Greatest Love Story of All Time, Before Hereafter Way Better Than Romeo and Juliet! William Shakespeare Ain’t Got Nothing On This! For marketing and expansion business purposes, I’m requesting $50,000 with 5% royalty stake from any or all shark tank investors until paid in full including addtional $10,000 in interest to everyone of them! Because of the otherworldly talent of the book, they will receive their compensation quicker than lightening!

    Son Nguyen, email-sunsero2010@gmail.com

  • Antonio guerrero

    Go to ellentube type Antonio guerrero see my viral videos plus a ideas that a billion dollars idea

  • Mega Loads Freight

    Hey Mark, I am a graphic designer that is motivated to make it in this market and is seeking a motivated and exclusive buyer of my basketball and other sports-related designs. I f you would interested in in purchasing any design properties from me for $10,000 per design, they will be totally yours to do whatever you want with them and you retain all rights to them (except a copy for my designer portfolio). I will provide you with design sample upon your request. Non-Licensed designs you can sell at you own desired pricing and not regulated by the NBA, NFL nor any other hot property out there thats raking in the cash for these kind of sales. Bill, (270)303-3530 or megalfrght@gmail.com

    • DEVVVV

      Bill, I don’t really think Mark Cuban pays any attention to these posts. I have sent a few myself and nothing ever has come of it.

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